ONA is surrounded by many talented individuals, where each one has their own special place, along with their unique identities.
I would like to thank ONA’s amazing team of suppliers, every one of them dedicated to their speciality, with originality and commitment to their passion for producing or sourcing the best of vegan and organic produce. Founded on the 22nd October 2016, the ONA project would have been impossible without the support, strength, availability, generosity, attention and kindness shown by all my suppliers, customers, friends, business creation assistant services, crowd funders, not forgetting all the many helping hands, who made this crazy dream come true. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Our common beliefs have brought us together, what fabulous encounters.

Each business, serving the organic and vegan market locally, each one the first or the leader in their speciality, their proximity to the restaurant, their inspiration gained from travels which have influenced their businesses, passionate about their products, meeting me.

L’Atelier de Claire

Passionate about ceramics since school, Claire created her own workshop in 2003 after being a graphic designer and working in publicity.

Claire met ONA’s chef, Claire, at a market, where she was searching for tableware for her restaurant. Claire spotted a lovely cup, with a beautiful mat and brilliant finish to it.

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Boulangerie Londiche

The Londiche bakery is a reputed establishment within the profession and is much appreciated for the quality of its products.

The bakery’s longstanding tradition of respecting its clientele by ensuring food safety and product traceability and not forgetting the amazing gustative properties of their delicious produce. All the flours used are French and organic, the grains are stoneground and natural sourdough is used in the bread making.

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Sacré Français

Benoit’s passion was born from his love of food and travel. Discovering other cultures and flavours he understands that away from the classic commercial system, an alternative exists where we can consume differently by supporting the producers who care about the earth. He realises that a positive human evolution is necessary.

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A graduate in social and solidarity economics, David worked in a bank with the idea of one day starting his own business.
Chance leads him to the Dordogne where he meets an organic tofu producer. The South West of France is ideal for cultivating soya beans. Already familiar with tofu, his parents eat it regularly, he asks the tofu producer if he'll teach him how to transform soya beans into tofu.

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Le Bio de chez Nous

She opened the first French organic fruit and vegetable shop in Arès, to commercialise her produce. Her success was such that she had to involve other organic farmers. Everything is produced in France and seasonal. No strawberries or kiwis etc. from abroad, except exotic products like avocado or turmeric for example.

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Au gré des vins

Passionate about wine since a young age, Philippe left business law to become a wine merchant. Over the years, with visits to producers, tastings, participating at wine fairs, he's specialised in biodynamic production.

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La Serre aux Délices

Agricultural engineer, with a background in IT and banking, Cyril is passionate about plants. During his plant research he discovered a garden, full of aromatic and savoury plants, 100% perennial and edible (Ariel and root). Cyril is enchanted, the owner mentioned his wish to leave and Cyril his wish to reconvert.

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