Agricultural engineer, with a background in IT and banking, Cyril is passionate about plants. During his plant research he discovered a garden, full of aromatic and savoury plants, 100% perennial and edible (Ariel and root). Cyril is enchanted, the owner mentioned his wish to leave and Cyril his wish to reconvert. La Serre Ô Délices was born.

A magical discovery for Claire, who loves exceptional and organic produce. A relationship is formed between Claire and Cyril, rich in exchanges, proposals, amazing discoveries, all of which inspire Claire’s culinary achievements and encourage customers’ gastronomic voyages.

Cyril proposes 146 products, of which Claire uses a wide selection.

Cyril’s exceptional plants include:

South African purple violet (Tulbagia violacea). A plant with a strong garlic taste, very slender leaves and flowers that resemble an agapanthus. More easily digestible than garlic and used raw.

Wood coriander (Houttunya cordata, Southern Asia). Its colourful heart shaped leaves have a strong grapefruit smell with a hint of coriander perfect for flavouring a dish, a taste closer to coriander.

Mexican Agastache (Agastache Mexicana var). Used raw or in an infusion, its leaves have an astonishing lemon scent with hints of fennel and sweet red flower.
Cheese plant (Paederia Lanuginosa, Southern Asia).

A tropical creeper whose large, two coloured, velvety leaves have a wonderful smell of ripe camembert.

La serre aux délicesCyril Perpina

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