My inspiration has come from you and from the earth

This is just the beginning of a beautiful story. A human story of knowledge, of sense and authenticity.

This book is a plea for a plant-based gastronomy, an alternative way of consuming, a necessary return to a welcoming and abundant nature. An enlightenment towards a possible transition.
Without being an activist, good sense makes sense in these troubled and uncertain times.
Origin non animal is not ‘ THE ‘ solution (in all humility) but a proposition of what could be a part of tomorrow’s culinary choices. We’re at the beginning of a new moment of humanity and a new world. We’re all responsible for our own lives and our own choices. I think it’s time to start asking the right questions, reflecting our situation today.
With greatest thanks to you…….Yes You…….the women and men behind the scenes, who have worked tirelessly to assure the birth of this book.
Thankyou with all my heart, you believed in me and my avant-garde, vegetal world.
The tears of laughter, of joy, of doubts……….
Sublime moments of inspiration and wonder during our long writing sessions.
“Origin non animal ” is here, at last, imagined and created.
There’s no such thing as by chance, there are only encounters, (Il n’y a pas de hasard, il n’y a que des rendez-vous) as written by Paul Eluard, and this book is the most beautiful encounter of them all.
I EXIST because of YOU……
Quite simply thankyou, I’m proud and profoundly touched.

Photography- David Japy
Illustrations- Aurore de la Morinerie
Preface – Gautier Battistella
Publisher – Éditions du Chêne
288 pages
50 Euros
First released- 8th November, 2022