Consuming plant-based- food as the mainstay of your diet is to choose to work towards a responsible gastronomy with a lower environmental impact, that protects life, the ecosystem and the biodiversity. Without ever giving up on the pleasure.

Claire Vallée


My story, is a story of my love of nature, the rhyming of the seasons, journeys and rencontres. It’s such a joy to be able to share this with you through my cooking.

As a woman and a chef, I believe vegan cooking is an endless source of inspiration and creativity, all that nature has to offer us in abundance. I’m not looking at imitating I’m looking at creating new tantalising tastes and smells and emotions, relying on my intuition and instinct.

My story apart, vegan cooking is truly a reflection of my convictions. To put the vegetal as the heart of the dish is to work towards protecting animals and sealife, being environmentally friendly and safeguarding our eco systems and biodiversity with respect. It’s a style of cooking anchored within it’s territory, it respects the seasons and the producers. Without, of course, ever losing the satisfying pleasures of a gastronomic meal.

My journey

Les pissenlits
De temps à autre réveillent
Les papillons de leurs rêves

Ida Dakotsu ( 1885-1962)

Vegetal inspiration

I begin with the season, the rock of all my creations. Then I let myself be guided by a memory, an emotion, a book, a poem, a smell and from that I begin to write a story. A colourful story, alive,inspired and underlined by an excellent technical knowledge.

I love taking risks, creating unusual food pairing , destabilising the palate but always using the correct balance of flavours and textures. The acidity in my creations is used as a backdrop to the dish, it’s very important to me. I also like to play with the salty side of a dish that can come not from salt but from many different sources. As always,like trusted friends always present ,the aromatic herbs and spices. But to cook is also a collective adventure. I like to let my team express their personal creativity. Together, the future holds no bounds, I’m convinced of this.

It’s not only the creation of a dish there’s also the presentation, the element of surprise that create an experience and transport your minds and senses.

My book