For this return to our roots, the early 20th century is the setting

I’m so pleased and excited to be able to meet you again in the Gironde over the next few months at my brand new, confidential, unique and intimate 12-cover restaurant. This time I’ll be welcoming you to an old mansion dating from 1904, right in the heart of the Landes nature park.

The atmosphere of the early twentieth century permeates the whole experience, which is dramatised through a carefully thought-out ceremonial display of antique objects and appropriate service dress. In the kitchen, I wanted to reinterpret period dishes in a plant-based configuration to subtly retain the magic of the house’s bygone days. So Wellington and mousseline Réjane are combined in a unique five-course menu. Drawing mainly on the classic cooking techniques described by Auguste Escoffier, I have introduced a more contemporary vision, ingeniously responding to the various challenges of tomorrow.

As you’ll have gathered, it’s all about old-world charm, secret gardens and authenticity. This experience of the culinary arts and hospitality of the early 20th century will transport you to the heart of the inspiring Belle Epoque, bewitching and intriguing in so many ways.


A committed table and unprecedented experiments

In the course of my travels, I’ve collected ancestral recipes that are likely to meet the energy, ecological and economic needs of a fast-changing gastronomy. Working exclusively with plants is one of the solutions to the climate emergency, but this responsible approach requires three times as much work, creativity and implementation.

Eliminating dairy products and eggs, for example, deprives me of the use of the usual raw materials of French gastronomy. We collect bark, edible flowers, spices… In the kitchen, fermentation, drying and other energy-saving techniques are pushed to the limit.



Menu unique

We’re delighted to be able to offer you this brand new experience in the culinary arts and hospitality of the early 20th century.

A guaranteed immersion in the heart of the inspiring Belle Époque, bewitching and intriguing in so many ways.

And always against the backdrop of my commitment to plant-based, energy-efficient, local and seasonal cuisine.

Single menu : 155 €

Water filtered by us
Food and beverage pairing : 60 €