Passionate about ceramics since school, Claire created her own workshop in 2003 after being a graphic designer and working in publicity.

Claire met ONA’s chef, Claire, at a market, where she was searching for tableware for her restaurant. Claire spotted a lovely cup, with a beautiful mat and brilliant finish to it.

After visiting Claire’s workshop, they agreed on a design and colour. Claire places an order for bowls, cups, plates and dishes.

Turned, enamelled, hand decorated, all unique and made from white earthenware clay with a lead free enamel.

In the restaurant, the customers are in awe of the beautiful tableware, with its aesthetic design and the way the glossy black enamel plays with the light and the matt white finish allows a good grip. Many customers visit Claire’s workshop to order tableware from her.

If there’s a problem arising with a piece it is repaired by Claire.
A successful working relationship has developed between the two Claires. Both professionals in their domains, this contributes to the harmony and beauty of the restaurant.

L’Atelier de ClaireClaire Grand

9 Rue Joseph Cugnot,
33510 Andernos-les-Bains