Passionate about wine since a young age, Philippe left business law to become a wine merchant. Over the years, with visits to producers, tastings, participating at wine fairs, he’s specialised in biodynamic production.

He met Claire whilst still working in business law and she told him about her project for ONA, he’s amazed by her knowledge of wine and is enthralled by her ideas. They share the same values, a love of the earth, working directly with the winegrowers, biodynamics and respect for the animal cause.

Very quickly they work on an alternative and innovative wine and spirit list, which respects their values. The products will be organic, the bonding will have no animal origin (no egg white, no pork gelatine, instead mashed peas, argile etc). All from terroirs, affordable prices, with a mineral element that accords with Claire’s cooking.

Their relationship continues with the wines Philippe recommends for the new menus, tasting new products. Also training the restaurant team on wine and food pairing by tasting, visiting wine fairs and serving wine.
The chef and the wine merchant, a winning duo for “not resting on your laurels”.

Au gré des vins – La Bouteille à la plage à ArèsPhilippe Taupy

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