The Londiche bakery is a reputed establishment within the profession and is much appreciated for the quality of its products.

The bakery’s longstanding tradition of respecting its clientele by ensuring food safety and product traceability and not forgetting the amazing gustative properties of their delicious produce. All the flours used are French and organic, the grains are stoneground and natural sourdough is used in the bread making.

All this criteria led Claire to choose Londiche bakery and the bread she serves daily at ONA, a bread made from T80 flour and a mix of different grains to add flavour.
Relying on tradition, producing a depth of flavour and a healthy product is the philosophy of the bakery that uses the values of the past to prepare the future.

Boulangerie Londiche

11 allée Ernest de Boissière
Phone: +33 5 56 26 91 20