In 2016, after a change in career, Carole shared her life with an organic producer from Lot-et-Garonne.

She opened the first French organic fruit and vegetable shop in Arès, to commercialise her produce. Her success was such that she had to involve other organic farmers. Everything is produced in France and seasonal. No strawberries or kiwis etc. from abroad, except exotic products like avocado or turmeric for example.

Claire is a customer, she appreciates the quality of Carole’s produce and naturally asked her to supply the restaurant from the opening.

Carole shares the same ethics as Claire, food origin, flavour and proximity. They have a lasting durable relationship. Carole knows when her produce will be available and in what quantity so Claire consults Carole before she elaborates her new menu. Sometimes Claire has special requests for vegetables or rare items which Carole sources for her.
The two of them have developed a trusting working relationship based on quality and service.

Le Bio de chez nousCarole Czaika

2 Avenue de Bordeaux, 33740 Arès
Phone: +33 7 70 58 71 93