Benoit’s passion was born from his love of food and travel. Discovering other cultures and flavours he understands that away from the classic commercial system, an alternative exists where we can consume differently by supporting the producers who care about the earth. He realises that a positive human evolution is necessary.

He creates “Sacré Français” and produces exceptional spices ; wild pepper from Madagascar, Indonesia, Cambodia, ginger, wild flowers from Thailand, gum Arabic from Senegal, sumac from Lebanon, cocoa beans from Tonka, turmeric and saffron from Persia and France, as well as French thyme and other aromatic herbs. It’s an evolving niche market.

During a dinner at ONA, he meets Claire and they’re on the same wavelength, respect for others, a job well done, the search for perfection. This leads them to a working relationship where they share their knowledge, advise each other and study suggestions.

An alchemy that entices travel using rare spices that will “transform the ordinary into extraordinary”.

Sacré FrançaisBenoit Aube / Les épices

33015 Bordeaux
Phone: +33 9 50 62 70 06