A graduate in social and solidarity economics, David worked in a bank with the idea of one day starting his own business.
Chance leads him to the Dordogne where he meets an organic tofu producer. The South West of France is ideal for cultivating soya beans. Already familiar with tofu, his parents eat it regularly, he asks the tofu producer if he’ll teach him how to transform soya beans into tofu.

In 2013, after gaining the necessary knowledge, he launched and created his own cottage business starting with two pans and a gas burner. Made from organic seeds, harvested in Aquitaine, the quality of his products are appreciated and distributed to organic shops. Locadelice is now recognised in the tofu market as having an excellent quality.

Claire, about to open her organic and vegan gastronomic restaurant, contacted David. They have the same exigencies for excellence, creativity and proximity and he was a natural choice of supplier.

Tofu is a natural product and suitable for all preparations. Today David has 7 employees, wishing to remain local they’re developing their offer to introduce different varieties of tofu, for example pimento d’espelette, wood garlic, etc
It remains for Claire to delight us with the innovations of Locadelice.

LocadeliceDavid Arsivaud

7 Chemin de Monfaucon
33127 Martignas-sur-Jalle
Phone: +33 6 72 85 11 49