I have built my culinary universe around a story... my story! The seasons, nature, my travels and memories are all my 'madeleines de Proust' from which I draw inspiration and creativity. My reflection of the world of plants is my invitation to you to an experience full of 'gourmandise' and amazement.

Claire Vallée


In Arès, surrounded by nature, nestled between the Arcachon basin, the salt marshes and the pine forests, a new culinary adventure awaits you.

Welcome to the world of ONA, the first Michelin starred gastronomic vegan restaurant in the world.

ONA, like Origin Non Animal, ONA like an ode to the living, like a promise to value and highlight our natural resources, all to create a gastronomic culinary delight of the senses.

ONA is also an initiatory journey into the vegetal world, discovering new sensory emotions and experiencing new and exciting flavours. Cereals,fruit,vegetables,mushrooms and also wild plants, aromatic herbs, seaweeds and spices, all which offer an innovative spectrum of different tastes, visual and olfactive. Let yourself be surprised.

It’s a gastronomic journey around single menus, this enables us to privilege a seasonal menu, using environmentally friendly, fresh and local quality produce.

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Claire Vallée, vegetal inspiration

My story, is a story of my love of nature, the rhyming of the seasons, journeys and rencontres. It’s such a joy to be able to share this with you through my cooking. As a woman and a chef, I believe vegan cooking is an endless source of inspiration and creativity, all that nature has to offer us in abundance. I’m not looking at imitating I’m looking at creating new tantalising tastes and smells and emotions, relying on my intuition and instinct.

My story apart, vegan cooking is truly a reflection of my convictions. To put the vegetal as the heart of the dish is to work towards protecting animals and sealife, being environmentally friendly and safeguarding our eco systems and biodiversity with respect. It’s a style of cooking anchored within it’s territory, it respects the seasons and the producers. Without, of course, ever losing the satisfying pleasures of a gastronomic meal.