My inspiration

I begin with the season, the rock of all my creations. Then I let myself be guided by a memory, an emotion, a book, a poem, a smell and from that I begin to write a story. A colourful story, alive,inspired and underlined by an excellent technical knowledge.
I love taking risks, creating unusual food pairing , destabilising the palate but always using the correct balance of flavours and textures. The acidity in my creations is used as a backdrop to the dish, it’s very important to me. I also like to play with the salty side of a dish that can come not from salt but from many different sources. As always,like trusted friends always present ,the aromatic herbs and spices. But to cook is also a collective adventure.

All of my team are implicated in the elaboration of our menus. I like to let my team express their personal creativity. Together, the future holds no bounds, I’m convinced of this. It’s not only the creation of a dish there’s also the presentation, the element of surprise that create an experience and transport your minds and senses.


My compositions

I named my menus Illiad and Odyss, a reflection of my younger days. Because it was when I was an archeology student that I first discovered the Illiad and the Odyssey, the works of art of ancient Greece. Their texts have accompanied me ever since. I’m touched by the poesie of Illiad, he was a warrior with a great deal of sensitivity. Yes, even hero’s like Achille cry sometimes. The Odyssey,now that’s a promise of adventure. Now it’s my turn to take you on a wonderful, exciting voyage and who knows maybe you’ll be charmed by your experience.

MenusWines & Drinks



The menu Illiad is a three course menu and changes on a weekly basis.

39 €


Dinner and weekend

The Odyss menu is arranged around eleven dishes with numerous surprises and evolves around the seasons.

116 €

The menus cannot be adapted for children.
The menus are presented to each table, in their entirety and at the fixed price.


The odour of honeysuckle

A dreamlike strollaround the garden of emotions

Evocao, Lovage, Vinegar

Lemon confit, Buckwheat, Tansy

Rose, Kuri Ona, Hibiscus

Evergreen, Pineapple, Rose de Bern

Garlic, Cimes Pepper, Coconut

Water, Smoke, Salt

Aubergine, Nasturtium, Pollen

Penicillin, Charcoal, Currant

Courgette, Niora pepper, Mango

Apricot, Spiruline, Black Cardamom

Lemon confit, Buckwheat, Tansy